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When you receive or buy a prepaid Visa, Discovwer or Mastercard gift card, there are a few things you immediately should do:

Check your Gift Card Balance: Always check that your initial gift card balance is as advertised. This makes it easier to get the card replaced in a case of malfunction, barcode fraud or card ‘skimming’.

Gift Card Activation: Some prepaid gift card providers require you to activate your activate, before your can use it. For example, if your gift card has a sticker saying ‘ – Activation Required’, then yes, you will need to activate your card before your can use it.

Gift Card Registration: A common complaint on Reddit and Quora forums is that a user’s card is declined when an attempt is made to purchase from online shops and merchants. This happens because online shops often require a prepaid gift card to be registered with a name and an address, to avoid fraud. When you receive your card, we recommend to log in to your platform’s account, and register the card with a physical address. Online merchants are much more likely to trust a card that has been registered.

Check the Prepaid Gift Card Terms of Services: The various gift card providers have different rules and your should be aware of these, so that you don’t get an unpleasant surprise. For example, some prepaid gift cards have an expiration date, some have a yearly fee if the card is in-active.


  • Make sure that your gift card balance is large enough to cover the entire price or bill, including a 20% tip.
  • Note, that not all prepaid gift cards can be used outside the United States’ borders. Check the terms and services of your gift card issuer.
  • Be aware, that you also may not be able to log in to your gift card account from abroad. You may need a VPN.
  • Many gift card sellers do not accept gift card use at gas station pumps, or have restrictions.


Can I use my Prepaid Visa or Mastercard internationally?

It depends of the prepaid gift card issuer. Some prepaid cards bought in the United States can only be used in the United States and U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa and Guam. This includes cards distributed by and Other, such as cards distributed my can be used anywhere in the world except in certain restricted countries.

How can I get the most out of my card?

To ensure a smooth experience when using your card, keep these important tips in mind:

  • Always know your available card balance before making a purchase. The card will decline if you attempt a transaction exceeding the remaining balance.
  • Record the 16-digit card number and the toll-free customer service number on the back of the card. Store this information separately from the card itself. You’ll need it if your card is ever lost or stolen.
  • When prompted, select “Credit” rather than “Debit” for transactions, even if the card says “Debit” on the front. Only use the debit option if you’ve set up a PIN.

Can I use my card at restaurants, hotels, and rental car companies?

Yes, you can use your card at restaurants, hotels, and car rental agencies. However, it’s important to note that many service-oriented merchants will automatically hold or authorize an additional percentage, for example 15% or 20%, on top of your total bill. This allows them to cover any gratuity or incidental charges you may incur.

When using your card at restaurants, it’s best to have an available balance that is at least 20% higher than your expected bill amount to account for this practice. For hotels and rental cars, contact the merchant beforehand to understand their authorization procedures and estimate for any overages.

How does using my card work at gas stations?

You can absolutely use your card to pay at the pump for gasoline purchases. However, gas stations typically authorize a temporary hold of $75 or higher on your card. While this authorization amount is removed after a few days, it can make your available balance appear lower than expected during this time period.

To avoid this potential inconvenience, consider paying for your gas inside the service station instead of at the pump.

Where can I use my prepaid gift card?

Your prepaid Visa, Discover or Mastercard card is generally accepted everywhere that takes debit cards within the United States. Simply look for the card brand logo (Visa or Mastercard) at checkout to confirm acceptance. You can also use your card for online and telephone purchases with merchants that accept these payment methods. However, we recommend registering your gift card with an address on the associated prepaid gift card website, to enable online use.

What if my card is lost, stolen or compromised?

Immediately call customer service using the number on the back of the card. As long as you call before the expiration date, they will send you a replacement card with the remaining balance at the time of your call. Fees may apply, so refer to the cardholder agreement for details.

Having an issue when trying to make a purchase?

If you encounter a problem at checkout, ask the merchant to call the toll-free customer service number while you are still at the point of sale. The representatives can help resolve the issue.

Where can I get more info on using my card?

Your account on this website provides a list of recent transactions as well as a 30-day summary. The site is secured with SSL encryption to protect your information.

Traveling internationally with my card?

If your card has international acceptance, notify customer service of your travel plans beforehand. This prevents transactions from being blocked due to suspected fraud.

Be aware that international transactions incur a fee up to 2% of the purchase amount, so ensure you have enough balance. Your card may also need to be “swiped” rather than chip-inserted, as not all terminals accept chip cards.

How can I view my cardholder agreement?

Sign in to your account, click “View Details” on the “My Cards” page, then select the cardholder agreement PDF. Use a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader if it doesn’t automatically open.

Forgot your card number or security code?

Sign in to the website using your email and password. If you haven’t linked your card to your profile yet, visit the “Contact Us” page for assistance.

Why should I record my card info?

Recording your 16-digit card number and the customer service phone number is crucial in case your card is lost or stolen. You’ll need these details to get your card cancelled and replaced.

What are transaction alerts? Should I enable them?

Yes! By signing up for email or text alerts, you’ll receive notifications whenever your card is used. This allows you to quickly detect unauthorized activity and contact customer service.

My balance seems incorrect. What now?

First, sign in and review your full transaction history. If the balance still appears incorrect after this, use the “Contact Us” page to reach customer service.

How can I make a purchase exceeding my card balance?

For purchases over your available balance, see if the merchant allows “split tender” transactions. Request they run the card first for the remaining balance, then pay the rest via a second form of payment. Alternatively, you may be able to purchase a gift card from the merchant and combine it.

How do I keep my card and info secure?

  • Enroll in text/email alerts to monitor all activity
  • Frequently review transactions for anything suspicious
  • Only make purchases on trusted, reputable websites
  • Double check URLs to avoid lookalike fraud sites


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