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The official prepaid gift card login page depends on where you bought your gift card. Typically, you can find the correct login page printed on the back of your prepaid gift card, or on a sticker on the front or back of your card. You can also check the prepaid gift card packaging for instrictions, if your card has lost the sticker.

www giftcardmall com mygift card
The gift card login URL is always printed on the back of the physical card. Here: www.giftcardmall.com/mygift (example).


Some gift card card distributors issue virtual Mastercard cards and Visa Cards. Check your confirmation email for the login and card activation page.

myprepaidcenter com visa card activation required
Example of a Virtual Visa debit card, with card activation, balance check and login at www. myprepaidcenter.com

Card Activation and Login Pages.

These are the most common prepaid gift card issuers in the US, and their official login page:

www.prepaidgiftbalance.com – Kroger Visa Prepaid Gift Cards.

www.myprepaidcenter.com – Visa, Mastercard and Discover Cards sold at Walmart and other supermarket chains.  This company also issue gift cards for rewards on Swagbucks.com, and for rewards for participating in online surveys and focus groups. The gift cards can also be purchase at G2a.com and Coinsbees.com

www.myprepaidbalance.com – Lowe’s Prepaid Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards.

www.securespend.com – Prepaid Visa gift cards sold at Walmart, 7-Eleven, CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar.

www.myvanillagiftcard.com –  Prepaid gift cards sold Walmart, 7-Eleven, CVS, Rite Aid, Wallgreens. Vanilla gift cards balance can also be checked at www.vanillagift.com and www.vanillaprepaid.com.

www.prepaiddigitalsolutions.com – Virtual Visa Gift Cards. This website has moved to https://account.mypaymentvault.com.

www.prepaidcardstatus.com – This company offers rewards gift cards as cashback rebates for health companies, and home design comanies, and more.

www.mybalancenow.com – Target Prepaid gift cards.

www.giftcardmall.com/mygift – Personalized Visa debit cards and Virtual Visa card.

www.getmybalance.com – Gift cards issued by shopping centers and council organizations in the United Kingdom.

www.onevip.com (Prepaid Visa Gift Cards)

www.netspend.com – (Prepaid Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards)

www.smionecard.com – (Prepaid Visa Gift Cards)

www.cecashexpress.com – Prepaid Ace Elite Debit Cards.

www.card.com – Prepaid Visa and Mastercard Cards.

www.cashpass.com – Mastercard and Visa Prepaid Cards.

www.myfastermoney.com – Discover and Visa Prepaid Debit cards.

www.serve.com – Serve Pay As You Go Visa Prepaid Cards.

www.mastercardgiftcard.com – Prepaid Mastercard Gift Cards.