Check My Prepaid Gift Card Balance

Having a prepaid gift card provides convenient access to funds, but it’s important to ensure you are accessing the official website to check your balance and manage your card. With multiple brands and issuers, it can be confusing to locate the correct login page. This guide will help you find the proper website for your specific prepaid gift card, whether its a Visa, Discover, Mastercard or American Express:

Which Website Should I Use?

The website address for managing your particular prepaid card is typically printed directly on the card itself or included on a sticker affixed to the card. If you don’t see it on the physical card, check the packaging materials it came in. This website is where you’ll go to register, check your balance, view transactions, and handle other card management activities.

Where to Check Your Balance:

Every prepaid Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express gift card has an official website where you need to login to register, check your balance, view transactions, and manage your card. It’s crucial to find the right website to avoid fraudulent pages. This guide covers the major prepaid gift card login pages.

You can check your gift card balance by logging in to your gift card account or by calling customer service.

For Visa or Mastercard gift cards purchased from retailers like Kroger.

Does not sell cards directly, only lets you manage existing cards.

Cards are issued by U.S. Bank National Association.

The Customer Service phone number is: 1.888.853.9536.

Official login and Gift Card Balance CHeck at:

This website manages prepaid Visa and Mastercards, typically sold at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores. Their prepaid cards are issued by Pathward, N.A. Member FDIC.

Their Customer Service Department can be reached at:

Address: PO Box 91607, Sioux Falls, SD 57109’s Phone Number is: 1-866-496-6183

Official Login and Gift Card Balance Check:

For Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express prepaid gift cards.

Cards sold at Walmart, and rewards sites like Swagbucks, and employee gift programs.

Distributed by Blackhawk Network, issued by banks like Pathward and Sunrise.

The Customer Service mail address is:

P.O. Box 9018
Coppell, TX 75019

Their Customer Service phone numbers depend on the card type:

Lost and Stolen Line: 1-877-227-0956in the U.S and Canada(toll free)

Discover Cardholders: 1-888-842-0336in the U.S(toll free) and 1-801-744-9918 from Outside the U.S.(tolls apply):

Mastercard Cardholders: 1-888-371-2109in the U.S and Canada(toll free) and 1-339-234-6415 Outside the U.S. and Canada(tolls apply).

Visa Cardholders: 1-877-610-1075in the U.S and Canada(toll free) and 1-801-214-8892 from Outside the U.S. and Canada(tolls apply).

Official login and Gift Card Balance Check:

For Vanilla Visa and Mastercard gift cards

Sold at retailers like Walmart, CVS, Amazon, and gas stations

Vanilla cards issued by TBBK Card Services, Pathward, and Sutton Bank

Official login pages and and Gift Card Balance Check:,,

Vanilla is owned by InComm Financial Services

Customer service phone: 1-833-322-6760

Mailing address: P.O. Box 826, Fortson, GA 31808

For SecureSpend Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards.

Sold at Walmart, CVS, 7-Eleven, and other major retailers.

Issued by Pathward bank.

Distributed by InComm Financial Services.

Customer service phone: 1-833-563-8200

Official login and Gift Card Balance Check:

Offers digital prepaid card “tokens” sent via email

Redeemable for physical Visa/Mastercard prepaid cards

Customer service phone: 1-877-325-8444 (lost/stolen: 1-866-230-3809)

Official login and Gift Card Balance Check has moved to:

No matter which prepaid card you have, check the card itself and packaging materials carefully for the correct website to login and manage your card. Avoid fraudulent sites by only using the official logins listed by the card issuer or distributor. Contact customer service if you have any issues locating the right website.


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